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Autodidacte - What is art?

Twitwi Lam, born in China, now living in Hong Kong for over 10 years,by calling herself “autodidacte” rather than “artist”because she always doubt the true meaning of “what is art?”. Instead of labeling herself she created her own works embedded in real life performances.

Twiggy still remembers her first painting as messing around with colors at home with roommate Melody, who inspired her to wear a red headband as a commitment to the
statement of her painting life.

Art Healing Workshop in Brussels 2019

Having studied music prior to coming to Hong Kong, Twitwi collaborated with artist Philippe Charmes before launching at Minimenstraat 91, Brussel(a series of Art Healing workshops in Europe December 2019)

On-going project – “Tube or Not to Be” in Hong Kong May 2020 during the pandemic corona-virus period, by organizing within 8 artists: Haru, German, Maru, TinTin, Daven, Wing and TwiTwi herself from Hong Kong both representing from different fields to participate this project, aimed to combine dance performing, music, sculpture, paintings, drawing in a one-time unrepeatable performance, with her philosophy by seeing everything is connected in Art, inspiring by 1960s-1970s Performing Art-Fluxus and Happening art and culture movements deep planting inside her head after trip in Europe and especially when she back to face the political reality life in Hong Kong.
Project details:

“There is not only Black and White” inspired by local artist – Haru’s favorite theme with glow in the dark UV light techniques lighting up the whole project and new hopes

“Glory of New soul”

“Local eggs”- representing Hong Kong localized culture and citizen rights are disappearing as the eggs supplies

“Talking Elephant and Monkey” moving sculpture scene captured from the project video with the happening flow-movements inside the Tubes made by specific fabric prepared in advance











Sculpture made in August 2020



Inspired by the recent turbulent social environment in Hong Kong and the ever-changing legal system, and how Hong Kong citizens are suffering from its changes and ridiculous laws double standards. By expressing through this sculpture, I created via the most essential and primitive materials and methods to question whether the most basic human rights and if there’s any kind of justice under the sky or there is a reason to live or die. Named “half-human” is in fact a satire of modern society’s definition in terms of “human” and nowadays ever-changing restrictions laws in Hong Kong


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